Ductwork Repair, Installation, and Replacement in Lake Norman, NC

Complete indoor comfort starts with the duct system. If you’ve got dirty or leaking ductwork, or if your duct system was poorly installed, you may come across indoor air quality issues and high utility bills. A professional inspection by an experienced HVAC specialist can help you figure out if the problem is coming from the ductwork.

Rotunda HVAC provides comprehensive ductwork solutions including duct repair, replacement, and installation services throughout the Lake Norman, NC area. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for an honest assessment and professional opinion, and let us help you carry out the best solution for your home.

If you are experiencing high energy bills or inadequate heating or cooling, the problem may be coming from your air ducts. Call today for professional ductwork solutions you can trust in Lake Norman, NC.

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If your indoor comfort issue isn’t coming from your heating or cooling systems, there could be a problem with the ductwork. We’ll need to inspect your system and pinpoint the cause and location of the problem. This will involve performing air diagnostics (testing airflow) and measuring the overall performance of your HVAC system.

Air duct problems typically develop as a result of leaks in the ductwork, lack of insulation, or poor installation. No matter the source of the problem, you can depend on our Lake Norman ductwork professionals to provide the right solution.

Work With the Trusted Ductwork Installation and Replacement Company in Lake Norman, NC

Whether you’ve got a new construction project or you plan on having new ductwork added to a home addition, you will need to work with a reliable HVAC company with the skills, training, and experience to deliver the quality service you need. Poorly installed and poorly sized ductwork will lead to persistent problems–and constant repairs can start to add up.

When you work with our Lake Norman duct installation experts at Rotunda HVAC, you can be confident in the long-term quality of the job. We will take the time to assess your heating and cooling needs, size the ductwork correctly, and make sure the job is carried out to meet the highest standards in quality and safety.

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