Air Handler Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance in Lake Norman, NC

The air handler is responsible for circulating and regulating the air in your home. Problems with the air handler can quickly lead to air quality issues and inefficient heating and cooling. If you are noticing problems with your comfort system, the issue will often come from the air handler.

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Some of the more common problems that can affect your air handler include frozen evaporator coils, leaking, and damage to the blower motor.

Frozen evaporator coil

If there is a significant amount of dust or other debris entering the air handler, this can result in the evaporator coil freezing. A blockage in the ductwork can also lead to frozen coils. Contact our Lake Norman air handler repair technicians for help thawing your system and receive the long-term solution you need.


Blocked condensate drain lines in your AC or heat pump can cause overflowing in the drain pan, which will eventually leak. When this happens, your system can shut down. If you notice leaking around the air handler or system inefficiencies, contact us for immediate help–we will have the problem quickly resolved and return your comfort system to normal as soon as possible.

Blower motor damage

Do you hear rattling, squealing, thumping, or other strange noises coming from the air handling unit? There is likely a problem with the blower. Turn off your system and call our Lake Norman air handler repair experts to have your heating or cooling equipment inspected and receive the solution you need.

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Routine Air Handler Maintenance: Prevent Unexpected Problems and Extend the Life of Your Comfort System

You can lower your chances of experiencing heating and cooling problems with regular air handler maintenance. Rotunda HVAC provides routine maintenance and servicing for customers who sign up for an annual service agreement. This will include cleaning, inspections, and tune ups to make sure your comfort systems continue to operate efficiently during the heating and cooling seasons.

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